Thank you for your interest in becoming a retail partner with Padillak™ SUP as a Dealer. We have just started our business and are thrilled to provide a high quality line of Stand Up Paddleboard (“SUP”) accessories for you to offer to your customers.

Our introductory product is a newly patented Seat designed for SUP. That’s right - an SUP Seat providing greater accessibility to the sport of paddle boarding for everyone! A seat will provide your customer a rest on a long paddleboard trip, allow for a lunch break, give someone with bad knees or a bad back the confidence to give that paddleboard a try, allow a young parent to bring the kiddos out for a paddle…or give the adventurous paddle boarder that sense of security to paddle out to that island that has always been just a bit too far…After all, life is an adventure…Grab your paddleboard and GO CHECK IT OUT!

Our base model SUP Seat is a patented module system that connects to rails on which the seat is mounted. This rail system will be the foundation for many future products including SUP fishing, SUP fitness and of course, SUP expedition adventuring. Our patented system allows the customer to customize the seat into different configurations for different needs making this product more valuable to the customer and increasing sales for you, the retailer.

To establish a retail account, simply complete the electronic form and “Submit.” We will then get right back to you to assign you a Dealer account number. You will need your Dealer account number in order to receive wholesale pricing. Once you are an approved Retail Dealer your information will be listed on our Dealer Page to drive customers to your store.

Our goal is to offer multiple products for paddleboards that give you the opportunity to make a profit and bring your SUP customer back into your store again and again.

We are confident that you and your customers will be satisfied with our new Padillak SUP Seats.

Sincerely, Your Padillak Team

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